220 Second to None

220 Second 2 None founded in 1998, is a hiphop dance team from San Diego, CA. I was blessed with the opportunity to dance for 220 Second 2 None. One of my directors had an idea to create a logo inspired from the official NBA trademark design. The final design was completed using Adobe Illustrator.


“If 220 was a woman, she’d be my perfect companion; an embodiment of the unique personalities on the team. She’d be that girl I’ll never forget. She allows me to move my body to the heart of the music, to move our audiences, and to move with one purpose and one love. Dancing with her is how I let my heart groove with freedom. When you love someone, you want to better yourself, make changes, grow, struggle, and learn for that person. I wake up with thoughts of her in my mind, but she gets me through the days because I know I’ll dance with her again.
If 220 was a woman, our passion for dance would only be exceeded by our love for each other. We hold close our past to define our future, and while we’re hungry to be innovative, we stay humble at heart. Dancing with her, that’s Second To None.”



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